I had an amazing experience yesterday with Cesia. I had just had surgery recently and having her give me a much needed massage was what the doctor ordered. I will recommended Skyline to all my friends and family.

Thank you,

I was a little hesitant about this place when we got there but the staff was great and the office is clean and has a good ambiance. I have to warn you that it was a little hard to find the first time slow down as you get closer to the address. The business is all the way in the back and hard to see from the street.
As for the massage, I had Janet and she was wonderful. You will not believe how strong her hands are for such a small woman. My massage was soooo good I didn’t want to get off the table.
If you are getting a massage with them pick Janet, you will not be disappointed.

Skyline has wonderful massage therapists!! they are skilled & are highly committed to helping their clients maintain a quality of health.

I always leave feeling better than when i arrived!! Come experience it for your self and you can see what im talking about.

Stanley D. N. Hollywood
• Awesome Chiropractor, best service ever!

Dr. Silva knew what he was doing from the moment I stepped in. I had a car accident and he was able to charge my insurance company and take care of everything for me. He had the right equipment and knew how to adjust me. I feel sooooo much better after his treatment I definitely recommend Dr. silva he took away my pain and I’m very happy with his service. If you need a chiro, you must see Dr. Silva.

David C. N. Hollywood

I thank Dr. Silva for every step I take. I came to his office after a car accident barely able to walk. I honestly thought that my life was over. He cared for me not only as a doctor but as a friend. Dr. Silva made sure that I understood why I had pain, the proceidures that went on and how they work. I left his office with a higher knowledge and respect of Chiropractors and their work. To be greeted as a friend in his office is a privilage to all of his guests. I will never go to any other chiropractor. Thank you Dr.Silva.

Nelson M. 

North Hollywood, CA*4/26/2011*

Dr.Silva is fun and friendly, and knows what hes doing he treats you and gives tips about stretching and what causes the injury you have. i had back  injurys and he evaluated me and put me on different types of machines and his adjustments were just what i needed, hes also affordable and has a sense  of humor i recomend him to anyone that reads this posting and for you young ladies he also looks like Jake Gyllenhaal.

Brandon K.

San Clemente, CA


Dr. Anthony Silva has magic hands! He relieved my back and neck pain in

minimal visits and I would recommend him to anyone needing help with

adjustments or having pain and have found my Chiropractor if ever needed in

the future. He was very good at explaining exactly what your malfunction is

and how he is going to relieve it. If you need acupuncture or a massage

while on your visit, it is also available. Dr. Silva is very professional

and uses the newest technology to assist your recovery. Keep Up the great

work Doc!

Maria D. San Fernando, CA — July, 6th 2011

I was referred to Dr. Silva by Dr. Maya as part of my treatment after a car accident and a long history of back pain. It is important to keep up with a regimen of stretching and back maintenance to ensure mobility and decrease pain. I have a history of back pain and have had several accidents which have aggravated the pain and decreased overall mobility I have learned the importance of stretching and increasing mobility in order to decrease pain and increase flexibility. Chiropractic care has helped as part of my health plan. It is important to be aware of your body and learn what it is doing internally so that you can correct what you do externally. Both my brother in law and myself have seen the benefits of including chiropractic care as part of our goal to decrease back pain and increase mobility and flexibility

A. A.
Jul 09, 2018
Hola me pareció excelente y su trabajo es profesional y asen muy buen trabajo maravilloso me encanto

K. L.
Jun 19, 2018
The care I received was excellent at Skyline Health Group. Dr. Anthony was great. Lynda Dianne. Kennedy

J. G.

Jun 15, 2018
Dr. Silva helped me out with my questions and concerns. Had a really bad headache due to neck and back issues. He treated me and did an adjustment and felt instantly better!!! Turns out I had a sprain strained neck along with other back issues. Dr. Silva didn’t just do a simple adjustment, he made sure he got to where the problem was and worked on it till I felt the relief. I’m a very satisfied patient and will definitely recommend him and continue to come for any issues.

K. L.

Jun 13, 2018
Dr. Anthony was very kind and sincere. I felt very comfortable with him. His patience with me was appropriated. Thanks for the tips on stretching exercises. My experience was very good. L. Dianne Kennedy

M. J.
May 14, 2018
Dr Sylvia is just fantastic. He did great work on my back and neck and he was also incredibly friendly, which made each visit even more enjoyable !

J. M.

Apr 21, 2018
Very helpful and professional the way the Dr target the problem.

F. V.

Apr 06, 2018
The Dr. is friendly and very helpful. I had went to him because of a bad headache that i was suffering for a couple of days, he quickly diagnosed me and proceeded to treat me, aftet the treatment my headache disappeared and i felt great relief, I highly recommend him he’s a great chiropracticor!

K. O.
Mar 07, 2018
Muy buen servicio y atención el doctor es muy amable y cuenta con un equipo de alta calidad se los recomiendo

O. R.

Dec 27, 2017
After recently finishing my treatment with Dr.Silva, I can honestly say that my injuries were taken care of accordingly and have been left feeling stronger and with a better posture ! ,Dr.Silva is informative, respectful, and and office are clean and welcoming!highly recommend.

Verified Patient

Nov 30, 2017
Muy complaciente con el servicios recibido en este lugar las máquinas y todo el equipo es totalmente moderna y me hizo muy bien durante el tiempo que tuve la terapia, el Dr muy amable y muy profesión al para hacer su trabajo, y tengo una oportunidad en el futuro, si regresaría con gusto.